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1st Deep-Dive workshop - ‘What do we need from European Seas by 2030 – are we asking too much?'


The European Blue Forum will hold its first deep-dive workshop on 25 September 2023. This workshop is only open to the European Blue Forum members. 


The question What do we need from European Seas by 2030 – are we asking too much?' was originally posed to members of the European Blue Forum as a panel session at the official launch event on 26th May 2023 in  Brest, France. This deliberately broad question was designed to give all sustainable blue economy stakeholders the opportunity to share the challenges they face as well as their needs for the future, regardless of the sector or type of organisation they represent.   

The launch event panel session 1 introduced the question and gathered a broad range of responses, however mostly using SLIDO polls which limited the ability of stakeholders to share details and sectoral nuances. 


The objective of the ‘Deep-Dive’ workshop is to allow members of the European Blue Forum to discuss the challenges and obstacles they are facing, their unique aspirations and requirements in developing their sector up to 2030. 

The output from this workshop will be the production of a stakeholder position paper, providing the perspectives of the entire  European sustainable blue economy stakeholder group - our Blue Community.

View the 1st deep-dive workshop briefing paper - What do we need from European Seas by 2030 – are we asking too much?


For those who were unable to join the workshop, we have made the recording available for your convenience. You can watch it first and then contribute valuable comments using the form here. We believe your insights are crucial to the success of our endeavour, and we welcome your input.

To our workshop attendees, we invite you to revisit the workshop content at your leisure. You have the opportunity to watch the sessions again or explore different breakout sessions from the one in which you participated. Feel free to provide additional comments or reflections.

- Opening Session -

Break Out Room 1: How can we reserve space for human health and well-being given the perceived lack of marine and coastal space. Is this a priority?

Break Out Room 2: What do we understand by the term ‘degrowth’?

Break Out Room 3: How can we make sure that efficient local solutions are replicated at national and EU Scale?

Break Out Room 4: What are the barriers to the development of an equitable sustainable blue economy, ensuring no one is left behind? Can we do Something about it?

Break Out Room 5: How can we ensure access to space for existing and future human activities at sea whilst ensuring that 30% of the marine space is protected? What do we need to change?

- Feedback & Closing Remarks -