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Fishing and Tourism on the east coast in Sardinia




This case study has been identified through the MULTI-FRAME project.

The synergies between tourism and fishing are emblematic of the region of Sardinia. Pescatourism (the activity of taking tourists onboard for fishing trips and enjoying seafood) is very well implemented. It allows for the creation of a mutually beneficial relationship between the two sectors. The fishing sector relies on tourism to diversify and increase its revenues while promoting the activity and territory in a sustainable way.

Sardinia is now a major pescatourism hotspot in Italy and for the Mediterranean as a whole.

Stakeholder engagement

The great success of pescatourism in Sardinia was made possible by the dialogue between local stakeholders. The East Sardinia Fishery Local Action Group (FLAG) was created by gathering professional fishers, aquaculture farmers, inland fishing cooperatives and representatives from public authorities. 

This key player conducted a socio-economic analysis to define a Local Development Strategy (LDS) based on pescatourism and how to improve the activity as a whole. 

This initiative also received the support of local municipalities such as the Autonomous Region of Sardinia that integrated pescatourism into its development plans. 

Regulatory framework

The great success of Pescatourism in Sardinia was greatly facilitated by a clear and well established Italian regulatory framework. 

Italy acknowledged the importance of pescatourism  really early on and integrated it into its legislation. Fishing-tourism activities were clearly defined in 1992 and regulated in 1999 (Decree No. 293 of the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies). This legislation was modified and improved in 2012 to give fishers easier access to pescatourism permits and licenses

Lessons learnt

  • Pescatourism stimulates small-scale fisheries by providing new opportunities to fishers and to coastal communities.  
  • Pescatourism attracts visitors and thereby boosts local economies.

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This page is based on the Ocean Multi-use blueprint collection published by the MULTI-FRAME project.

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